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  • Hydro Tracking

    Stop guessing! Implement our free hydro journal and keep track of all your systems growth and changes!

    Download Hydro Tracker 
  • Pesky Pests?

    Get to know your Foe - This handy document includes all details on your garden enemies and how to manage them.

    Download Pest ID Booklet 
  • EC + PH Metering

    Compare your garden to our helpful chart to be sure you're in the green.

    Download Optimum growth Chart 
  • Download CANNA Grow Schedule and Product Information

    Trying or Trialing a New CANNA product? Get the information you need to deliver the correct nutrients to your plants here!

    Download CANNA Schedule 
  • Download Byron Bay Gold Feed Chart

    Using Byron Bay Gold but forgot to pick up a feed chart? Download it here and deliver the right nutrients to your plants at the right time!

    Download BBG Feed Chart