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What does Hydroponic Nutrient do?

A hydroponic nutrient is a liquid solution that contains all necessary nutrients that plants need to grow, flower or fruit. Hydroponic nutrients are added directly to the hydroponic water reservoir making it easier to ensure proper nutrient content, when compared to soil farming.

How do I use hydroponic nutrients?

There are a few important steps to optimising your plants growth with added nutrients.

  1. Know whats already in your water - by using a Ph and EC meter you can correctly identify the PH, softness of the water, if filtration is needed, what nutrients it contains and which nutrients need adding.
  2. Calcium and magnesium carbonates are commonly found in both tap water and dam water. Each element is vital for plant growth, but in limited amounts. Knowing how much of these elements are present in your water determines how much, if any, you need to add.
  3. Choose the right nutrients for what you want to grow, you should choose a range of Macro and micro nutrients - or a full spectrum mix that includes a ready mixed, tested specialised formula.

How do I use Byron Bay Gold Nutrient?

Byron Bay Gold nutrients are separated into A&B parts to stop the elements reacting in their highly concentrated form. A reaction at this ratio would cause the elements to not work correctly and/or cancel each other out. To apply A+B style nutrients, we recommend half filling your reservoir with water before adding the nutrient. Adding the second half of water after the nutrients to mix and combine them.

Where can I learn how to set up my hydroponic growing kit?

Lighthouse Hydroponics will run informative introductory and advanced classes and workshops around setting up and best managing hydroponic systems. These classes will feature topics like Organic hydroponics, Pest management, Fertilising scheduling, Automation and more.

What growth medium type is best?

Each type of Hydroponic growth medium has its different benefits. For example Clay balls require less flushing than Coir fibre, however Coir fibre is much more affordable and can be composted at the end of its lifecycle.

Do you do consultation call outs?

If you would like specialised help with your Hydroponic system, feel free to visit us in store for free advice and a helpful chat, or email us any time with your questions. Unfortunately we do not offer house visits. You can learn how to maximise the set up of your systems at one of Lighthouse Hydroponic classes; sign up to our newsletter to hear about these first!

How can i tell if i’ve made a fertiliser mistake?

After adding the nutrients observe your plants for signs of an imbalanced pH or nutrients. Yellowing leaves signify that the nutrient level is low, while curling leaves or burnt leaves indicate that the nutrient level is too high.

Is there a Full spectrum nutrient available?

There are many full spectrum nutrients available. To see what Nutrients we have in stock, go here LINK

Can Hydroponics be Organic?

Yes! Hydroponics can be completely organic and spray free -

Can I grow Veggies in Hydroponics?

Yes, you can grow vibrant, crunchy and delectable vegetables in a hydroponic system.

Can I grow Herbs Hydroponically?

Yes, herbs can be grown hydroponically and are very flavoursome and fragrant.

Can I grow flowers hydroponically?

Yes absolutely! You can grow flowers in Hydroponic systems, just as

What is the best water temperature for my hydroponic reservoir?

Plants grow better with a water temperature between 15ΒΊC and 25ΒΊC with 20ΒΊC being ideal. Water temperature above 25ΒΊC increases your plants potential of root disease. We recommend using a root conditioner if your plants have been subject to water at a high temp.

What do the elements in my nutrient do?

  • Hydrogen forms water by combining with the oxygen.
  • Nitrogen and sulfur are essential to the supply of amino acids and proteins.
  • Phosphorus is used in photosynthesis and overall growth.
  • Potassium and magnesium act as catalysts in the creation of starches and sugars.
  • Magnesium and nitrogen also play a role in the production of chlorophyll.
  • Calcium is a part of the make-up of cell walls, and plays a role in the growth of cells.

Why are the benefits of Hydroponic farming

  • Food can be grown with less conventional farming land
  • Food is more likely to have been grown locally
  • Hydroponics uses less water than conventional farming
  • Hydroponics doesn’t require the use of pesticides.
  • Hydroponic farms can thrive in all climates (even in deserts!)
  • Hydroponic can be certified organic
  • Farms can be set up in non fertile areas

How old is the practice of Hydroponic growing?

Ever heard of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon…Or of the Aztecs and their Chinampa farming practices? Hydroponic methods have existed and grown along side traditional agriculture methods. Many plants naturally only grow in water environments (Lotus, Water chestnuts, Mint, ect).

What is Agroponics: Agroponics uses an aggregate medium such as coconut coir, clay balls, perlite or more to encase the plants roots. The growing medium is regularly or constantly dampened.

What is Aeroponics: In Aeroponics the plants roots are suspended in a closed area, and continuously sprayed with high nutrient solution.

What is Aquaponics: In Aquaponic set ups Plant Roots are immerses in an aerated, nutrient rich solution that has been created from the waste of fish, kept for the purpose of fertilising the system, and eating in future. The fish typically live in the reservoir used to irrigate the system.

Keen to get started, but want some help?

Explore the future of gardening and dive into the world of soilless growing at our Hydroponic Workshops! Whether you're a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes into hydroponics, our workshops are perfect for everyone. You'll walk away with hands-on skills and all the know-how to nurture thriving plants in your own controlled oasis. Join us, and let's grow together!

🌱 Explore the Possibilities: Whether you're a seasoned grower or just starting your hydroponic adventure, our workshops cater to all experience levels. From absolute beginners to green-thumb experts, we've got something for everyone.

🌿 Hands-On Learning: Get your hands dirty (or not-so-dirty) as you delve into the art of hydroponic gardening. Our workshops are immersive and interactive, ensuring you leave with the practical skills and knowledge needed to cultivate thriving plants in a controlled environment.

🌼 Grow Anything, Anywhere: Unleash your gardening potential! Learn how to grow an incredible variety of plants - from crisp, fresh vegetables to vibrant, blooming flowers - all without soil.

🌞 Year-Round Gardening: Say goodbye to seasonal limitations. Hydroponics allows you to grow your favorite greens, herbs, and blooms year-round, ensuring a constant supply of homegrown goodness.

πŸ§‘β€πŸŒΎ Join Our Green Community: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for sustainable and innovative gardening. Our workshops are not just about learning; they're about building a network of hydroponic enthusiasts.

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