Byron Bay Gold Growing Tips - Part 1 - Water and Hygine

Byron Bay Gold Growing Tips - Part 1 - Water and Hygine



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System Hygiene

Starting your crop within a hygienic system will go a long way to helping prevent disease and insect problems. This means washing and scrubbing your system thoroughly so that no residues, such as old leaves and medium are remaining. Ensure that you also rinse the system thoroughly so that any detergents or disinfectants you’ve used to clean the system are removed before planting.


Water quality is critical to ensuring great crop outcomes. We recommend that your water source has an Electrical Conductivity (EC) lower than 0.2 EC and that it is clear and free from visible particulates. If your water source is not of this quality, you should consider using a Reverse Osmosis system to reduce its EC or other filters to improve the purity of your water source.

Growing Environment

The ideal growing environment consists of temperatures between 15-25° Celsius. When temperatures exceed 25°C, high air flow becomes very important to reducing the risk of diseases and pests that occur at higher temperatures and humidity. If your growing environment has temperatures regularly above 30°C, you should seriously consider using air conditioning to reduce the temperature. As air conditioning is most efficient when air is recirculated, you may need to replenish your growing environment with CO2 to maintain its concentration between 1200ppm and 1500ppm within the growing enviroment’s air. If airflow and/or air conditioning isn’t able to keep humidity below 85% you should also consider using dehumidifiers.

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