Byron Bay Gold - Growth Tips - Part 3 - Roots and Fungus

Byron Bay Gold - Growth Tips - Part 3 - Roots and Fungus

Welcome back to part 3 of our Byron Bay Gold Care blogs

Root Care

A healthy root system is critical to your plant’s ability to absorb nutrients. Any time the leaves appear discolored, which indicates a nutrient deficiency, it is critical to check the root zone, as this is likely to be the cause of the nutrient problems. To avoid root issues, we recommend using root activator and root conditioner products, particularly if your growing environment regularly exceeds 25°C. Root system issues can also arise as a result of your roots drying out or being too wet for an extended period of time. Be mindful that you may need to adjust your watering with the seasons, so that you're not overwatering in winter or  underwatering in summer.



When it comes to insect and fungus control, prevention is better than cure. We recommend routine spraying with insecticide and fungicide at least once a week, even if there is no apparent insect or fungus problem. Sometimes insect and fungus species can become immune to a product if you use it regularly. We recommend alternating between products with different active ingredients to prevent this adaptation. There are a large range of both organic and inorganic products for controlling insects and fungus. It is best to seek advice from your local rural or hydroponic store to select products that best suit your conditions and preferences.

Byron Bay Gold will have an organic insecticide and fungicide coming soon

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