Finding the right Lighting for your Hydroponic System πŸ’‘

Finding the right Lighting for your Hydroponic System πŸ’‘

How to Optimise Light for Faster Crop Growth

As a farmer, you're always looking for ways to improve your crop yield, and one simple solution is to optimise your light recipe. Research has shown that the right combination of light level, spectrum, uniformity, and timing can have a significant impact on plant growth. At Lighthouse Hydroponics we have a wide range of lights to suit all Wattage needs, area sizes or budgets.Β 
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Light Level: The amount of light that a plant receives is critical to its growth. Different plants have different light requirements, so it's important to ensure that the light level is appropriate for the particular crop. Some plants require high light levels, while others thrive in lower light levels. Therefore, the light level needs to be adjusted accordingly.

Spectrum: The spectrum of light is the range of wavelengths from ultraviolet to infrared that affects plant growth. Plants respond best to a combination of red and blue light, which can be achieved through LED grow lights. The right spectrum of light can speed up the growth of specific varieties of plants.

Uniformity: Uniformity refers to how evenly the light is distributed across all crops. Consistent light distribution promotes even growth, which leads to higher crop yield.

Timing: Knowing when to turn the lights on and off is essential. Plants require different amounts of light during different stages of their growth cycle. A customised light recipe specifies the appropriate timing for optimal results.

Our Recommendation: LED grow lights are an excellent choice to optimise your light recipe. They provide a range of benefits, including higher yield, shorter growth cycles, energy savings, and higher germination rates. We offer a variety of LED lights that can be customised to suit your specific crop needs. To learn more, check out our selection of LED grow lights today.

If you're using HPS, don't fret! we also have you covered with a wide range of bulbs, ballasts and accessories.Β 

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