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Digital Super Timer

Digital Super Timer

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Nakajima Digital Timer: The Heavy-Duty Solution for Your Gardening Needs

Upgrade your standard digital timers to the Nakajima Digital Timer, designed for excellent durability and versatility. This heavy-duty digital timer is perfect for a range of applications, such as controlling lighting systems, ventilation, and irrigation for your plants. With reliable performance, customisable settings, and an easy-to-use interface, the Nakajima Digital Timer ensures a longer-lasting solution for your garden's needs.

Features and Benefits

  • Heavy-Duty 16A Switch: Designed for longevity, outperforming standard digital and analogue timers that often fail within 6 to 12 months.
  • Australian Standard 240V 10 Amp Compatibility: This digital timer is compatible with Australian standards, ensuring optimal and safe performance.
  • Customisable Monday - Sunday Day Selection: Allows you to set specific days for the timer to operate, adjusting to your garden's exact requirements.
  • 12 On and 12 Off Programs per Day: Provides 24 customisable programs in minute intervals for a range of uses, ensuring your plants receive the proper care.
  • Additional 24 Programs for 1-59 Second Intervals: The "Alarm" function allows you to set even shorter intervals that cater to your plants' specific needs.
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery: Offers long-lasting power and ensures consistent performance.
  • Easy-to-Read Digital Display: Allows for quick programming adjustments and monitoring.
  • Silent Operation: Eliminates annoying ticking sounds, keeping your environment peaceful and quiet.

How to Use

  1. Navigate the three settings: Automatic, Manual, and Alarm, by pressing the menu button.
  2. If using the Automatic setting, program the desired on and off times per day and select the days for the timer to operate.
  3. For Manual operation, instantly turn the timer On or Off as needed, overriding programmed settings.
  4. If using the Alarm setting, program up to 59-second intervals for multiple on and off times per day. This will activate the timer for each programmed interval.
  5. Monitor the timer’s digital display for timely adjustments or to track your settings.

Lighthouse Hydroponics Suggests These are Best For

The Nakajima Digital Timer is ideal for gardeners looking to automate their gardening systems with a reliable and long-lasting digital timer. Whether managing lighting, ventilation or irrigation, this durable timer caters to both small and large garden setups, ensuring optimal growth and health for every type of plant.

It is our timer of choice for drip feed systems, indoor and outdoor. Just place a submersible pump in the reservoir, run the drip feed irrigation, and set how many watering cycles you want to have each day.


How many programming options does the Nakajima Digital Timer offer?

The Nakajima Digital Timer offers 12 on and 12 off programs per day in minute intervals, as well as 24 programs per day for 1 second to 59 second intervals using the "Alarm" function.

Is the Nakajima Digital Timer compatible with Australian power outlets?

Yes, the timer fits Australian 240V 10 Amp plugs.

Can I customise the day settings for the Nakajima Digital Timer?

Yes, you can completely customise the timer's settings for each day of the week, from Monday to Sunday.

What is the capacity of the internal switch for the Nakajima Digital Timer?

The timer has an internal 16A switch.

Does this timer include a battery?

Yes, the Nakajima Digital Timer has a built-in rechargeable battery.

Is the display easy to read?

Yes, the timer features an easy-to-read digital display.

Can I manually override the timer?

Yes, there is a manual function that allows you to instantly turn the timer on or off.

What applications can the Nakajima Digital Timer be used for?

The timer can be used to control lighting systems, ventilation, irrigation and more.

Does the Nakajima Digital Timer produce any noise during operation?

No, the timer operates silently.

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