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Dr Greenthumbs

Dr Green Thumbs Go & Grow 4.5kg (Vegetative Craft Blend)

Dr Green Thumbs Go & Grow 4.5kg (Vegetative Craft Blend)

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Transform your garden into a lush oasis with Go & Grow – the ultimate organic gardening champion. Specially crafted for the keen Australian green thumb, this 100% natural blend has been meticulously developed to boost your plants' growth and nourish your soil with the perfect mix of organic minerals, nutrients, and growth hormones.

Go & Grow isn't just another dry amendment; it's a powerhouse of growth for a wide variety of plants. Whether you've got a spiky cactus, a lush tropical, or your cosy indoor greenery, this organic fertilizer ensures your plants are getting the top-notch care they deserve.

How to Green Your Routine

Mixing New Potting Soils:

Give your new soil mix a nutrient kick by blending in ¼ to ½ a cup of Go & Grow for every 30L of potting soil.

Top Dressing Existing Soils:

For a quick nutrient boost, sprinkle ¼ to ½ cup per 30L of soil, or go with 1 to 2 cups for each square metre of garden bed. Just scratch it in and water it down.

For New Plantings & Fruiting Plants:

Welcome new plants with a mix of ½ cup of Go & Grow with your soil for a thriving start.

The Secret Brew for Happy Plants

Creating a Botanical Tea - Stir up a heaped tablespoon of Go & Grow in 5L of clean water. Keep it moving or oxygenated for 24 hours, and you've got a "brew" that'll not only feed your soil biology but make you’re plants dance!

Craft Your Own All-Purpose Fertilizer

Mix Go & Grow with Bud & Bloom for a balanced NPK ratio of 2.5 – 2.5 – 3, making an all-around champion for every stage of plant growth.

We've packed Go & Grow with the finest ingredients like Alfalfa and Neem meal, Kelp and Malted Barley, Coconut and Soy meal, plus essential minerals like Gypsum, Lime, and a Rock Dust mix, not forgetting the Potash and Seabird Guano. It's the full meal deal for your plants.

We know Aussies love their gardens as much as a good barbie. That's why Go & Grow is designed to be easy, effective, and totally organic. No more guesswork, just a hearty scoop for a garden that's more than just a patch of dirt – it's a slice of paradise.

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