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General Fertiliser RJ 1 L

General Fertiliser RJ 1 L

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Get a jump start on your gardening season with these Grodan Delta 4G Cubes.

Ideal for raising seedlings and cuttings, these cubes will help your plants get off to a strong start.

Simply place the roots of your plants through the cube and into larger Grodan Transplanting Cubes or other medium when they start to emerge.

These cubes are specifically designed for tomato, cucumber, sweet pepper, and aubergine crops, and are perfect for growers who are focused on desired crop development.

With the right variety selected and the desired plant type in mind, these cubes will have your vegetables looking healthier and more luscious than ever before. 

Factors that influence the choice of variety include the plant size, the required vine development with tomatoes or whether crops are grown under natural or grow lights.

Propagators steer how to crop variety is propagated on the basis of climate and irrigation strategy.

The choice of blocks largely determines the irrigation strategy, which ultimately yields the type of plant required by the grower.

Grodan offers a wide range of blocks and plugs that yield uniform plants under various cultivation conditions.

Grodan has a crop-specific range of substrates for floriculture. Our focus is on rose and gerbera.

These crops are characterised by their perennial cultivation properties.

Grodan is a part of the Rockwool group, the market leader in creating new products and ways to use stone wool.

The stone wool used for the Rockwool cubes is derived from basalt, a natural volcanic rock.

These products contain no pollutants, plant diseases and enable recirculation of water and nutrients, meaning that there will be no nutrient run-off or waste.

Therefore, these grow cubes and propagation cubes let you maximise the yield based on the input of water and nutrients added, allowing for a reduction in growing costs and increase in yield and quality from the crops.

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