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Dr Greenthumbs

GreenSpace Liquid Fertilizer 500ml

GreenSpace Liquid Fertilizer 500ml

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Enhanced with naturally sourced ingredients & boosted biologically with beneficial soil bacteria! Perfect for Indoor plants, vegetable gardens, and home backyards!

Naturally increase disease and drought resistance in your garden, without harming the environment!

Contains all the necessary plant nutrition for strong, vibrant growth! Powered by all-natural extracts including seaweed, worm castings, compost & plant-derived nutrients, and growth hormones.

Perfect for directly feeding plants & stimulating soil biology, releasing existing nutrients into the soil.

How To Use

Indoor Plants & Foliage in soilย โ€“ย 2ml per liter of water for healthy plants
4ml per liter of water for plants that need a โ€œPick Me Upโ€

Hydroponics & Soilless mediaย โ€“ 4ml per liter of water

Foliage Sprayย โ€“ 1 or 2ml per liter of water

Use weekly to maintain your plant's health
NPK 4:3:3ย 

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