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Aquarium chillers are important to maintain a constant temperature in aquariums where fish and coral sensitive to temperature variations are living or being grown. Lights, pumps, and the surrounding room air heat up water in your tank. Hailea chillers are important for growing coral and are used in marine aquariums, where fish need a relatively constant temperature, allowing a stable level of oxygen in the water. Cold water temperatures in your aquarium are essential to mimic the natural habitat of deep sea fish.

Water chillers can also used in hydroponic gardening to maintain water temperatures for optimal plant growing conditions. They are also useful for cold-water species such as axolotls to reduce the risk of overheating throughout the warmer months.

Keep in mind however that Hailea chillers are designed for use on saltwater reef tanks which typically require a running temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. Therefore, if using a chiller for axolotls, we recommend overcompensating for the size of your tank in order to reach the desired running temperature of 18 degrees Celsius. For example, a 100L tank would require a 150-A model to maintain 18 degrees Celsius. 

  • Lower noise design
  • Digital controller ensures selectable temperature is maintained
  • Perfect for aquariums and aquaculture

Please note: Hailea Chillers do not come with a pump to run the chiller, or any of the hosing or tank connectors. We recommend running your chiller through an appropriately sized Aqua One Aquis Filter. Alternatively, suitable pumps, hosing and connectors are also available.

Want to learn more about cooling your tent or grow room? Read on here: 

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