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Hy-Gen CoCopeat Brick Five Kg Compressed (Makes 70L)

Hy-Gen CoCopeat Brick Five Kg Compressed (Makes 70L)

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Introducing Hy-Gen Co-Co Brick Five Kg Compressed

Hy-Gen Coco Peat is a 100% natural Growing medium.

Derived from coconuts, it is a renewable resource perfect for hydroponics, seed raising, soil improving and for use in potting mixes.

Pre-flushed for low salt content, pre-buffered with calcium and magnesium and also pH stable.Hy-Gen compressed Coco Peat blocks are economical and easy to use.

To use, simply place in an appropriately sized container, add water according to the instructions and allow to expand to full volume.

5 kg Block - makes 70L of media

How to use -

1. Choose the appropriate size of Hygen Coco Brick based on your specific requirements.

2. Position the chosen brick within a spacious container or a bucket.

3. Add water to the container, enabling the brick to expand and disintegrate. For a 650g brick, utilize 3-4 liters of water; for a 5 kg block, utilize 20-30 liters of water.

4. Allow approximately 30 minutes for the coco coir to fully absorb the water and swell.

5. Disintegrate any remaining coco coir clumps and blend until a consistent texture is achieved.

6. Employ the expanded Hygen Coco Coir as a growth medium for your potted plants or hydroponic systems.

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