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Invasion OSA - Orthosilicic Acid 500ml

Invasion OSA - Orthosilicic Acid 500ml

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Green Zones Invasion OSA additive | 500ml

Space Age Silica
 – Activate your INVASION OSA by mixing it with water to produce Monosilicic Acid – the ultimate readily absorbable silicon.

INVASION OSA is a crucial element for powerful plant development.

* Suitable for all plant types.
* Improves crop growth & vigour
* Pest & Disease resistance
* Leaf & flower size (improving yield & potency)
* Slow vertical growth & stretch in the first weeks of flower

Application / DOSAGE

APPLICATION Works with all cultivation systems & plants

1 – For OSA activation, mix with fresh water in a separate container before adding to reservoir.

2 – Pour activated OSA mixture into reservoir prior to adding any nutrient or additives.

DOSAGE (Grow & Bloom)
* Basic –  2 ml per 10L of nutrient solution
* Bloom: Slow vertical growth increase to 3 – 4ml per 10L in week 2 of Bloom for one week only
* Foliar application: Use a maximum of 1ml per 1L of Foliar Spray
* Clone application: at 0.5ml per 10L or Foliar application at 0.5ml per 1L of spray solution
* Heavy feeding strains: 3ml per 10L


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