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Lucagrow 600W HPS Lamp

Lucagrow 600W HPS Lamp

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GE Luca-Gro is a trusted name in lamps, famous for reliability and strong far red spectrums for heavy yields every time. The Luca-Grow lamps have a wide compatibility with majority of ballasts digital and coil. GE Luca-Gro Lamps are known for high output/lifespan on the older style magnetic coil ballasts.

The G.E Lucagrow HPS lamps offer a compliment or complete substitute to natural light. The High Xenon Gas Fill in the lucagrow lamps give up to 20% more light than standard high pressure sodium lamps and have a long life of up to 28,500 hours. The Lucagrow lamp maintains 90% light output over the life of the lamp and is fully interchangeable with other HPS lamps. Β 

Height 5.500000
Width 5.500000
Length 33.000000
Weight 0.223000
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