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Olimpia Dehumidifier 12L - AQUARIA12P

Olimpia Dehumidifier 12L - AQUARIA12P

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This dehumidifier is compact, but high-tech. The control panel allows you to precisely set the temperature and humidity. The double anti-dust filter and active carbon improves air quality. The dehumidifier has a capacity of 12L and the tank capacity is 2L. It is for rooms up to 55m³. There is a 1-24h timer. There is an alarm for when the tank is full. There is a dry function. The filter is anti-dust and anti-pollen. The activated carbon filter removes impurities from the air. There is a temperature and humidity indicator. The tank is removable and semi-transparent. There is an automatic defrosting device. The dehumidifier has wheels for easy transportation. The digital control panel gives you precision commands and a clean look.

Top tips for purchasing and operating your new dehumidifier to achieve a dryer, healthier indoor climate:
  • Consider the climate, size and average indoor temperature of your moisture-affected rooms to know which option is right for you
  • Compressor dehumidifiers perform better when the indoor temperature is above 20°C, while desiccant dehumidifiers are better suited in environments below 20°C
  • For smaller rooms or personal spaces below 30m², a compact dehumidifier will be suitable, while a dehumidifier with a more powerful motor is better suited for rooms above 50m²
  • When operating your dehumidifier, focus on drying one room at a time, ensuring all doors and windows are shut to speed up the drying process and achieve the best results
  • As the dehumidifier removes moisture from the air, the water tank will fill, requiring you to empty the tank to continue dehumidifying
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