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POWER-PLANT CFL 250 WATT- 14000K - 10U

POWER-PLANT CFL 250 WATT- 14000K - 10U

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The PowerPlant Envirogrow CFL lamps are made to exacting standards, designed specifically for horticultural use. Paired with the Envirogrow CFL reflector for the perfect low wattage high output solution. Available in: - Dual 2700K/6400K (All stages of plant growth) - 2700K (flowering) - 6400K (Growth) The combination of the lamp and reflector ensure optimal coverage, light intensity, and spectral quality for maximum yield and quality. Plus, its flexibility lets you customize your lighting setup to perfectly suit your plants' needs.

  • 14000K (Flower finishing/Veg) Wattage: 85W - 130W - 250W
  • No ballast needed
  • Low heat
  • Low power
  • Propagating
  • Vegetative Growth
  • Side and auxiliary lighting
  • Flower Finishing
  • E40 Base
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