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Professor’s Organic

Professor's Organic Go Roots 100mls

Professor's Organic Go Roots 100mls

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Professors Go Roots is a powerful root stimulator designed to promote rapid root growth, increase root mass and protect your plants from disease throughout their entire life cycle. Available in 250ml, 500ml, and 1L sizes, this advanced formula contains purified Humates, Fulvic Acid, and a specialised fungicide to promote and protect your plant's root system.

  • Faster root growth: Triggers explosive feeder root production for stronger, healthier plants
  • Increased root mass: Encourages the growth of lateral feeder roots for improved nutrient uptake
  • Root recovery support: Assists in the recovery of roots after over-watering or damage
  • Built-in fungicide: Protects against damping-off and root rot diseases caused by Pythium and Phytophthora fungi
  • Total crop protection: Safe and effective throughout all stages of your plant's lifecycle, including vegetative and flowering stages

How to Use

  1. Propagation: Soak the growth medium at a rate of 1ml per 4L before placing in cuttings, continuing to soak the medium as needed during the propagation stage or using Professor's Starter Soak.
  2. Vegetative: Add 2.5ml of Go Roots per 10L to nutrient solution throughout the entire vegetative stage.
  3. Flowering: Add 2.5ml of Go Roots per 10L to nutrient solution for the first 4 weeks of flowering, then reduce strength to 2ml per 10L to protect existing roots from root disease.
  4. Transplant/Stressed: Use Go Roots as a medium drench at a rate of 4ml per 1L during transplanting and on stressed plants for optimal recovery and growth.
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