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Mojo Cow

PS1 LED Twin Bar Propagation Lights 2 x 26W

PS1 LED Twin Bar Propagation Lights 2 x 26W

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MojoCow PS1 Twin Bar LED Propagation Lights - low power and long life lights great for propagation.

Light emitted diodes (LED) technology makes it possible to create more plant specific spectral output by combining different colour ratios of red and blue diodes. This can be beneficial, not only in various plant growth phases but also for adapting to different plants or strains.

Mojo Cow LED PS1 Lighting kit provides you the flexibility to build your own LED grow light system that meets your needs. The "Click and Lock" spine allows you to configure up to 4 LED Bars (or combine with the MojoCow T5 CFL tubes) together on the supplied brackets.



  • 2 x 26W high output LED bars
  • 2.4 umol/J high Photon Efficacy for great light / energy ratio
  • Flexible Assembly - Daisy chain up to 10 lights with the same or varied series bars
  • High grade LED diodes provide a long life span and assure ultimate reliability
  • Sturdy metal casing, IP65 Rated for humid grow areas


Applications of the MojoCow PS1 Twin Bar LEDs

Propagation - Hang above a propagation / humidity dome for seedlings and cuttings.

Seedlings - Hanging these lights horizontally above plants and adjusting the height as the plants grow. The ideal way to do this is with Mojo Cow Hangups.

Full Size Plants Supplemental Lighting - Large flowering plants will benefit from vertically hung lighting placed between the plants, particularly at lower levels.

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