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Can Fan

Can-Fan RK 150S / 460M3

Can-Fan RK 150S / 460M3

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The Can-Fan RK 150S provides a powerful ventilation system, with a maximum output of 460m3/hour. Its high-efficiency design is optimized to provide maximum air-flow with minimal energy consumption. Perfect for reducing air humidity, it is an ideal choice in many applications.

RK-S  (with 4 Speed Controller)

The addition of the speed controller adds versatility. Each speed setting is factory set and calibrated to produce the most efficient output specific to each fan.


  • No need for extra electronic speed controllers or transformers.
  • Flexibility when the grower needs to make seasonal adjustments.
  • Convenience: increases the ability to match fans with a larger range of filters.

    Diam: 150mm

    4 Speeds;

    • 355 m³/h
    • 390 m³/h
    • 420 m³/h
    • 460 m³/h

    The NEW Can Fan RK Series Poly Shell

    Made in Germany, the Can-Fan RK series are the plastic bodied version of the world wide recognised RS Can-Fan with the same internal precision  engineering. This ventilation fan is commonly used in indoor gardening, and technically is known in the engineering world as a backward centrifugal extractor with a strong and maintenance free housing.

    The plastic moulded body presents weight and cost savings compared to the steel version. It contains a flame retardant to prevent burning from excessive heat environments. 

    A point to note - the mounting bracket is sold separately to the fan, as not all growers require them. 


    Can Fan RK Series Features

    • Centrifugal Inline tube fan
    • Economic
    • Maintenance free
    • Controllable voltage
    • Plastic housing PA6, RAL 7035
    • Backward curved impeller
    • Maintenance-free long life ball bearings

    Why Choose Can Fan RK Fans?

    • The RK series has 10 variations.
    • Easy wall mounting.
    • Made in Germany.
    • Thermally protected.
    • Plastic housing. 
    • Ideal for use with 100mm carbon filters
    • Pulls a large volume of air through long lengths of ducting.
    • Strong airflow while making less noise.
    • Long lasting and reliable


    Can Fan RK Series Comparison of Specifications

    Model Capacity Noise Diameter Weight Power Current Material
    Fan Model M3/H Level mm kg w a Housing
    CAN-FAN RK 100 240 2 100 2.3 55 0.3 Plastic
    CAN-FAN RK 125 310 1 125 2.2 60 0.3 Plastic
    CAN-FAN RK 150 470 2 150 2.9 70 0.3 Plastic
    CAN-FAN RK 200 820 3 200 3.2 100 0.5 Plastic
    CAN-FAN RK 250 830 3 250 3.1 100 0.5 Plastic
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