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Zip-Zag Resealable Bags - Large 28 x 30cm Single

Zip-Zag Resealable Bags - Large 28 x 30cm Single

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Zip-Zag Resealable Bags: Odour Proof Storage Solution

Zip-Zag resealable bags are a convenient and effective storage solution designed to lock in odours and preserve freshness. These high-quality bags from Canada offer the ultimate storage option for a range of items, protecting your belongings and ensuring they stay fresh for extended periods.

Features and Benefits

  • Leak-proof, resealable, and reusable: The dual lock zipper system ensures a secure seal, preventing leaks and allowing multiple uses.
  • Low odour transfer rate: With an odour transfer rate 400 times lower than standard zip lock bags, Zip-Zag bags keep smells locked in, maintaining the integrity of your stored items.
  • Preserves flavours and aromas: The low oxygen transfer rate helps to preserve the flavours and aromas of your stored items, such as food or essential oils.
  • Protection from outside pathogens: The durable material and tight seal keep your items safe from external contaminants.
  • Transparent design: Easily view the contents of your bag without needing to open it.

How to Use

  1. Open the Zip-Zag resealable bag by pulling the dual lock zipper apart.
  2. Place your desired contents inside the bag, ensuring that it fits comfortably without overfilling.
  3. Press out any excess air from the bag before sealing to maintain the freshness and aroma of the contents.
  4. Close the bag by sealing the dual lock zipper, ensuring a secure seal to lock in odours and freshness.

Suggests These are Best For

Zip-Zag resealable bags are perfect for anyone looking to store items with strong odours, maintain the freshness of their belongings, or protect their items from external contaminants. They are ideal for storing food, herbs, essential oils, items with strong scents, or any other items where odour containment and preservation of freshness are essential.


  • Always choose the appropriate size bag for your contents to ensure a secure, tight seal.
  • Zip-Zag bags are available in the following dimensions: Sandwich (17.1cm x 16.0cm), Large (27.9cm x 29.8cm), and XL (43.2cm x 43.2cm).


What makes Zip-Zag bags different from regular zip lock bags?

Zip-Zag bags are manufactured using a special patented dual lock zipper system, which makes them reusable, resealable, and 100% reliable. They have an odour transfer rate 400 times lower than typical zip lock bags, ensuring contents stay fresh and odours are locked inside. They are also fully transparent for easy viewing of contents.

Can I reuse Zip-Zag bags?

Yes, Zip-Zag bags are designed for reuse, making them a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly option compared to single-use zip lock bags. They are made from high-quality plastic, so they won't perish or tear with regular use.

Are Zip-Zag bags heat sealable?

Yes, Zip-Zag bags are not only resealable and reusable, but they can also be heat-sealed for added protection and freshness.

Will Zip-Zag bags protect my stored items from outside contaminants?

Absolutely. Zip-Zag bags help protect the contents from exposure to outside pathogens, ensuring that your items stay fresh and safe.

What are the dimensions of the different Zip-Zag bags available?

Zip-Zag bags come in three sizes:

- Sandwich (1 oz) - 17.1cm x 16.0cm

- Large (½ lb) - 27.9cm x 29.8cm

- XL (2 lb) - 43.2cm x 43.2cm

Can I use Zip-Zag bags for storing items other than food?

Yes, Zip-Zag bags are versatile storage bags that can be used to store a variety of items, such as spices, herbs, and even small non-food items, while keeping their aromas and flavours intact.

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